Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool in combatting stress & mental health in the workplace

Despite slowly changing attitudes, Mental Health in the workplace has historically been, and still very much remains, a taboo subject – fear of being judged, fear of even losing one’s job if the issue is raised openly.

In a recent survey carried out by the CISI, out of 3,686 individuals asked, 23% said they were “unsure” and 31% said they were “not confident” talking to their line managers at work if they felt they were suffering from stress, anxiety or depression.

Much of the stress, which is particularly acute in the high pressured Corporate world, stems from workload pressures in such fast paced working environments. High expectations and the general perception of always having “to just keep going” no matter what magnify the likelihood of stress. Such pressures can easily be exacerbated if coupled with other home or health related issues be it separating from a partner, money (especially debt) worries, becoming a new parent, cultural/family pressures, personal or friend/family member’s illness.

It is important to speak to someone trained professionally and seek support. An independent hypnotherapist can be your port of call for such issues and is trained professionally to treat such matters.


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