Anxiety & Stress

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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety, or feeling highly apprehensive or worried, is a normal reaction to stressful situations. Sometimes though, worry becomes excessive and can cause sufferers to dread facing everyday situations and not be able to function as they normally would.

Life Situations which can give rise to Stress or Anxiety

Separating from a partner, money (especially debt) worries, becoming a new parent, facing redundancy, cultural/family pressures, personal or friend/family member’s illness or injury or unhappiness at work. It can be one or several of these things which gives rise to stress and/or anxiety to manifest itself.

Symptoms of Stress or Anxiety

  • constantly worrying and thinking negatively (like a broken tape playing in your mind)
  • anxious feelings especially in stomach
  • low self-esteem
  • Feeling irritable/mood swings
  • unwillingness to socialise/low mood
  • drinking or smoking more than usual
  • inability to switch off
  • insomnia – unable to sleep/wake up early
  • a change in eating habits eg binge eating
  • unwillingness to socialise/low mood
  • low sexual libido
  • forgetfulness
  • difficulties concentrating on normal tasks
  • muscle tension and aches/pains throughout the body
  • headaches and migraines
  • bowel or bladder problems (irritable bowel)
  • feeling breathless

How I can help you

Why can some people handle stress well whilst others struggle? Our ability to deal with stress, depends on our early years and how we learned to deal with such situations. The secret lies in how we were “taught” by our parents to deal with potentially stressful events.

A calm parent is likely to react in a totally different way to that of a nervous parent if their child falls off their bike and grazes their knee. Regression Hypnotherapy allows access to these early memories, and helps to uncover the root causes of the anxiety. This can then help the individual to digest and process the issue, helping them to feel empowered again and regain a sense of strength and confidence.

A trained clinical hypnotherapist and a vast background in working with stress in the financial services industry I have in depth understanding of the subject. I provide a confidential outlet for someone who seeks support. By relaxing the patient through regression hypnotherapy techniques, the subconscious mind can be accessed where the roots of one’s anxiety tend to lie.
I also teach the client self hypnosis. This is an empowering technique which reduces the effects of stress on the body by deeply relaxing the individual, helping to lower the heart rate & blood pressure and relax muscles and reduce tension.

To book a Free 30 min Hypnotherapy Consultation Please Call +44 (0) 7464 323637 or email

Client Testimonial

“The absolute relaxation that I was able to get into in just our first session was the first time since I could remember that I felt so light. It was wonderful to know at that stage the potential relaxation I could reach all by myself thanks to learning self-hypnosis from the get-go, but also that I felt safe and trusted Neesha to get to a totally relaxed state. Before I was almost afraid of letting go and Neesha really helped me feel comfortable here. She knows what she is doing and her experience is evident.” — Farai, Investment Banker.
* Disclaimer – Please note results can vary by individual *

To book a Free 30 min Hypnotherapy Consultation Please Call +44 (0) 7464 323637 or email