Emotional Eating

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How does Weight Loss Hypnotherapy work?

When it comes to weight loss, you may already be aware that the food element is only part of the equation. In order to lose weight using hypnosis, you must be prepared to go deeper – to understand the psychological root cause of the weight gain. Clients will often tell me when I first meet them that they eat because they are bored however when we get into the therapy we learn so much more about why a client eats emotionally. it is here we uncover the deep rooted reasons for the client’s attitude toward eating and food.

I use a technique which is unique and helps the client to get to the root of the issue & gain real clarity.

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See some of my work on Emotional Eating featured in the Mail Online:
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Client Testimonial
“For the last several years I have struggled with very stubborn weight gain, made worse by an injury which left me unable to exercise as much as I used to. I was desperate to shift the unwanted weight. With a totally different approach to what I expected Neesha helped me to stay the course and the best part is that it was not stressful or it didn’t get me down in any way, it felt like self discovery and I grew as a person. Thanks Neesha , so grateful” –by Hala G.
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